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This time of year, many homes are getting ready to go on the market for the Spring Season. If you are thinking the time is now to purchase a home you may want to continue reading. Some loan programs require a down payment, after speaking to a lender you will have a better idea of what will fit you best. If you are in a loan that requires a down payment and just don't have a lot saved....maybe your income tax return can be put to good use. Not only for a down payment, but you may also be able to invest that return to remove PMI insurance or pay down in points if your lender thinks that will be best for you long term. Being able to have some additional hand money may also provide you a competitive edge when submitting an offer to a seller. No matter how you use it, a great investment of your income tax return can be uses for your next Real Estate Purchase. Let's talk today if you are looking to buy or sell your next home, the time is faster approaching. Get a jump on the Spring market today! 🏠

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