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  • Amy Hite

Manic Monday Realtor Style

Ever wake up and think ughh it's Monday? I think we all have. We feel so relaxed on the weekend, then it's go time for a full week of work, activities and household items. Being a Realtor we feel the Mondays too! Most home buyers have worked all week and really focused on some showings or open houses over the weekend. By the time Monday rolls around they are making some decisions or looking into new homes for the week to get appointments for. 9am Monday most banks open we are following up with current clients, new clients and WE HOPE signed offers from the weekend. Add some additional follow up with clients, lenders, inspectors, and closing companies and before you know it your day is scheduled! The best part about this business is the ability to PLAN and schedule appts based on client's needs and schedules. Sometimes it's 10 hours a day sometimes it's your day off with no appointments. Mondays set the tone for the week, put you in the right mindset, allow you to PLAN for success and take all the unexpected turns your week may take with stride. As you venture out today remember, set the tone for your week, good vibes only ✌️ We look forward to sharing more and continuing to focus on clients and community. 🏠

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